3 Things to Look for Before Buying Ugg Boots

Some people knowingly purchase goods that are counterfeits or knockoffs of the original designer or manufacturer goods while others fall victim to crooked traders. However, when you do not buy genuine products, you do not benefit from the functional value of the product. It is more frustrating for you though, as a buyer, when you pay the actual price of a product, such as a pair of Ugg boots and it turns out that what you bought was a pair of knockoffs. This article tries to give a couple of guidelines to follow when attempting to purchase a genuine pair of Ugg boots.

Look for security features

The company has taken its time to add security features to the boots.  The security features are added to the left shoe; some have it on the sewn-in label in the inside of the shoe, while others have it on their sole. The security feature is either a QR code that you can scan on your phone or a sticker on the material label on the inside of the left shoe. For the code, when you scan it with your phone, you should be taken to the main website, whereas the sticker is a black holographic logo of the sun that will turn to white when you tilt your shoe to 900.

Inspect the material 

This is only effective if you can tell the difference between genuine fur and fake fur. Real fur tends to be very thick and fluffy. They have pointed and tapered ends as opposed to fake fur. Moreover, when you rub the fur on the shoe, it should not come off easily. Furthermore, the sole of a real Ugg should bend easily with little strain as opposed to that of a fake Ugg.

Inspect the finishing

Counterfeits and knockoffs tend to use substandard materials to make the goods. As such, they use cheap glue (which has an irritating smell) when making the shoes. When you carefully look through the joint between the boot and the sole, aside from the terrible smell, you will be able to tell it is fake because it will look haphazardly done.

The trick lies in knowing how an actual genuine pair of Ugg looks and feels like because then you have a reference point. Moreover, it is preferred that you make your purchase from legitimate stores. Ugg boots suppliers will be able to give you more information on how to purchase the right shoes for you.