Five Tips to Stop the Stinky Odours Emanating From Your Workout Bag

Tired of terrible odours coming from your gym bag? This can be especially annoying when you workout in the morning and tote your bag with you for the rest of the day. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce odours in your workout bag. 1. Remove permanent odours in clothing If your workout clothing is harbouring permanent odours, these odours are likely penetrating your bag even before you wear the clothes to exercise. Read More 

Rugby Footwear for Starters: Getting It Right to Optimise Your Performance

If you have just joined a rugby team (could be a club in your locality or school), then you need to understand that footwear needs vary among different groups of players. Since you are new to the game, the position you play will depend on things like your ball handling ability, speed, weight and understanding of other technical aspects of the game such as defence. The following discussion will help you get your footwear right depending on the position you play: Read More 

Reasons Why Corporate Uniforms Are Ideal For Any Business

What your employees wear to work has a significant impact on the public's perception of your business. This is why you will find some employers considerably strict when it comes to official corporate wear for their employees. However, you cannot dictate how impeccable your employees will look, even with a dress code in place. The truth of the matter is some individuals may have a sense of style whereas others will simply do the bare minimum to be officially dressed. Read More