4 Reasons to Buy a Linen Suit for Travelling

It can be tough to find the right suit for travelling abroad. It needs to be versatile, comfortable and able to put up with life in a suitcase. As such, it should come as no surprise that linen suits remain the recommended choice, especially if you're travelling somewhere warm. Here are just four reasons to invest in a linen travelling suit.

1. Long Lasting

Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres available, which means linen suits are extremely tough and long-lasting. That makes them ideal for travel since they are less likely to be damaged – after all, it's going to be hard to find a tailor for repairs if you're on the other side of the world. You can also easily put your linen suit away for the next trip abroad and wear it in that capacity for years to come. In fact, linen tends to get softer as it ages, so you might just find your linen suit feels better every time you put it on.

2. Cooling and Warming

Linen is ideal for the warmer climates you'll often encounter while travelling. That's because it's light, breathable and able to naturally wick moisture away from the body. However, it's also quite good at keeping you warm during colder weather since linen is a natural insulator that can retain your body heat. Since it's ideal at keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, it's great for travelling. You never know when you're going to go from an extremely air-conditioned bus to a hot city square.

3. Effortlessly Adaptable

Since you don't want to take your whole wardrobe travelling with you, it makes sense to pick a suit that can fit different occasions. Linen suits are ideal in this regard since they are casual enough for a stroll along the beach but smart enough to wear to fancy restaurants. You can also pair them easily with different accessories. You can wear a t-shirt beneath a linen suit to feel nice and casual, or you can add a hat and nice shoes to feel more formal.

4. Low Maintenance

It can be very tough to keep clothing looking its best when you're living out of a suitcase, and most suits can be particularly troublesome. Linen suits are an exception. They are naturally slightly wrinkly, so they won't look messy if they haven't been ironed recently. They're also easy to wash and won't lose their shape after washing.

For more information about linen suits, reach out to a local tailor.