Key Considerations When Choosing Hi-Vis Workwear

According to Safe Work Australia, there were 58 workplace fatalities as of July 8th 2021. Thus, factory plant managers consider safety a priority, ahead of productivity and profit margins. In any case, safety is the foundation of all production processes and procedures. It is the reason high-visibility workwear is essential for the protection of workers. As the name suggests, hi-vis workwear ensures that workers can see each other regardless of the prevailing visibility conditions. That said, only appropriate hi-vis workwear keeps workers safe, which is why you must pay attention to quality. This article highlights tips that safety managers should rely on when buying quality hi-vis workwear.

Classification of Hi-Vis Workwear 

High visibility workwear is not restricted to factory workers. Different hazardous work environments, such as road construction, emergency services, traffic control, hoisting and rigging and utility maintenance, require staff to wear hi-vis workwear. Thus, the type of hi-vis workwear you buy should be appropriate for the job. According to Australian standards, AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 classifies hi-vis into several categories; Class D, N, D/N, F, NF and R. Your choice depends on factors such as worksite location and time of work. For instance, factory workers on night shifts should wear Class N hi-vis workwear due to their retroreflective elements. On the other hand, Class D hi-vis workwear is suitable for workers on a day shift.

Consider Colour-Coded Hi-Vis Workwear 

Restricting access to certain sections in a factory is crucial for safety reasons. For instance, only electricians should access a power switch room. Similarly, only plumbers should access underground drainage. Colour-coded hi-vis workwear can help safety managers quickly identify unauthorised workers accessing unsafe areas in a factory plant. Besides, since high visibility colour-coded workwear is highly conspicuous, safety managers can identify unauthorised personnel from far, preventing accidents from unauthorised access to hazardous areas.

Specialised Design for Factory Works 

You should understand that hi-vis workwear is not a one-size-fits-all safety solution in a factory. Notably, you should choose hi-vis workwear specially designed for factory operations. For example, quality workwear for factory workers must feature breakaway safety buckles to prevent one from being caught by plant machinery. The workwear should also be made from light and breathable fabric for comfort purposes in confined workspaces. Flexibility points are also critical since they allow for unrestricted body movement. Most importantly, consider specific workplace safety hazards and address them by choosing specially designed hi-vis workwear.

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